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Open Finance Chair Position

Want to get involved? Consider applying for the open Finance Chair position on the DC Alumni Club's Board!


Please click here to complete the Candidate Information Form. This application is due by June 6, 2013.

If you have any questions, have issues accessing the application, or would like any additional information, please contact Joe Anzalone, DC Club's Vice President, at .

Finance Chair Description


·         Oversee the management and reporting of the University of Chicago Alumni Club of Washington, DC’s finances

          o    Maintain the Club’s current financial account

               ·    Provide general financial transaction oversight

               ·    Serve as primary contact for requests to access account holdings

               ·    Inform the President of funding requests and coordinate approval through the Board of Directors

               ·    Develop an annual budget

               ·    Oversee the development of the Club's financial policies

         o    Generate additional funding within the boundaries established by the Alumni Club Volunteer Handbook and the Office of Alumni Relations

         o    Coordinate financial assistance from Alumni Relations for Club programming and general activities

         o    Keep the Board of Directors regularly informed of key financial events

               ·    Serve as Chair of the Finance Committee  

               ·    Serve as a member of the Club’s Board of Directors


·         Must be a member in good standing at the time of their selection and at all times during their tenure.

Term of Office

·         The term of office shall be two years and shall start on or about September 1.  However, the DC Club would like to fill this position prior to September 1 with the two year term commencing in September.  

·         The Finance Chair shall serve not more than two consecutive terms in any office.

Selection of Finance Chair

·         Complete and submit Candidate Information Form by June 6.

·         See By-Laws of University of Chicago Alumni Club of Washington, DC.

·         Per the By-Laws, the Finance Chair shall be confirmed at the Voting Meeting by a majority vote of the current Officers of the Club.