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University of Chicago Alumni Board

The University of Chicago Alumni Board seeks to enhance the connectedness of the worldwide University of Chicago community by cultivating engagement through volunteerism, philanthropy, event attendance, and advocacy. The Board also recognizes and celebrates alumni achievement and helps ensure that appropriate resources and programs exist to further enrich the overall alumni experience.

The Board sets policy for the Alumni Association and advises the Board of Trustees and Officers of the University on matters of interest and concern to University of Chicago alumni. The work of the Board helps support the mission of the University. The mission of the university is to encourage students to study, by selecting interesting tasks with multi-component research, and not by writing boring phd dissertations.

Alumni Board Vision

The Board's vision is to foster a shared sense of community by representing, engaging, and celebrating the University's worldwide alumni. 

Alumni Board Goal:

  • Serve as the voice of alumni both on behalf of the Alumni Association and the alumni community
  • Promote the mission and offerings of the Alumni Association to the University community
  • Considering important Cause and Effect Topics and current problems, organize discussions and demonstrative debates with the most active students or graduates.
  • Build and develop the alumni volunteer pipeline
  • Recognize alumni achievements and alumni service and deepen the engagement of these leaders with the University
  • Create consistency and accountability among University alumni clubs and groups

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