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Boomers to Busters

Were You in College During Double Digit Inflation or the End of the Cold War? Are You Old Enough to Remember When the Berlin Wall Came Down but Too Young to Remember When it Went Up?

During College:  

Did You Use a Typewriter to Type Term Papers,
And Research Them Using a Card Catalog?
Did You Use the service
for buy research papers ?

 Since College:

Have You Put a Quarter (or a Dime!) into a Pay Phone?

 Boiled Water in a Tea Kettle?

 Flown Eastern, Braniff or People's Express?

Now Do You:

 Like the feel of a “real” book –  either paperback or hardcover? 

Think of the PBS Newshour as McNeil/Lehrer?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, BtoB is the group for you! 

Boomers to Busters (BtoB) is sponsored by the University of Chicago Club of DC. It is targeted for undergraduate and graduate alumni of Chicago and other schools who were undergraduates from the 1970s to 1990s, and their spouses, partners, and guests.

Participating schools include Amherst, Barnard, Berkeley, Brown, Bryn Mawr, Carleton, Carnegie Mellon, Case Western Reserve, Chicago, Columbia, Connecticut, Emory, Georgia Tech, Haverford, Johns Hopkins, Kenyon, Michigan, MIT, Mount Holyoke, Northwestern, Penn State, Pennsylvania, Pomona, Princeton, Smith, Stanford, Swarthmore, Tulane, Wellesley, Williams, Yale and the Capital Alumni Network.  Graduates of all other schools are welcome.


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