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The Resume Exchange

The Resume Exchange is an independent venture created and operated by a small group of University of Chicago graduates who have a lot of professional skills and experience, and this experience is not invented or exaggerated, our experts have been working in the professional letter writing service for a long time. They noticed that many of their fellow Maroons – including both current students and fellow alumni – had fantastic academic credentials (of course!), excellent professional experience, and unique skills, but presented themselves poorly on their resumes. As a result, they had a lot of difficulty competing in the job market. They undoubtedly would be great on the job, but their resumes prevented them from getting past the first round of cuts.

It’s All About the Resume

You have an incredible education, unique skills, and invaluable work experience, but none of it will help you get the job of your dreams if it isn’t professionally presented on your resume. Does your resume fully portray all that you have to offer? Is it well formatted and easy to read? Is it perfectly edited and free of any misspellings, inconsistencies, or grammatical errors? Will it help you stand out from possibly hundreds of other applicants?

Whether you are considering a new career, applying for a different job, or just want to test the market, your resume should present your education, experience, and skills to their greatest potential. There is no better resource than someone who understands your academic and professional background and knows what employers in your industry are looking for in a professional resume. When you submit your resume to the Resume Exchange, it will be forwarded to a University of Chicago alumnus who will provide helpful feedback to improve your resume and your competitiveness in the job market.

Submit Your Resume!

Become a Resume Advisor

The University of Chicago community draws its strength primarily from the engagement of its members, and there is no better way to participate than by contributing your professional experience and expertise to support the career development of fellow UChicago community members.

The Resume Exchange is currently recruiting University of Chicago alumni to serve as Resume Advisors – one of the easiest and most convenient ways to meaningfully contribute to the University of Chicago community. Resume Advisors need not be full-time recruiters or human resources professionals – all alumni with at least one year of professional experience in any field or industry, an understanding of the local job market, and some experience reviewing and revising resumes are welcome to apply.

Become a Resume Advisor!


If you have any questions about the Resume Exchange or would like to learn more about career development resources available to University of Chicago students and alumni, contact the Resume Exchange team at .