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Boomers to Busters Frequently Asked Questions

Were You in College During Double Digit Inflation or the End of the Cold War?

Boomers to Busters (BtoB) is sponsored by the University of Chicago Club of DC. It is targeted for undergraduate and graduate alumni of Chicago and other schools who were undergraduates from the 1970s to 1990s, and their spouses, partners, and guests.

Participating schools include Amherst, Barnard, Berkeley, Brown, Bryn Mawr, Carleton, Carnegie Mellon, Case Western Reserve, Chicago, Columbia, Connecticut, Emory, Georgia Tech, Haverford, Johns Hopkins, Kenyon, Michigan, MIT, Mount Holyoke, Northwestern, Penn State, Pennsylvania, Pomona, Princeton, Smith, Stanford, Swarthmore, Tulane, Wellesley, Williams and Yale.  All others are welcome.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Boomers to Busters and Why Was it Formed?

Boomers to Busters was formed in 2010 by the University of Chicago Club of DC in response to numerous requests for events for alumni who had “graduated” from young alumni status.  The club had a young alumni group and many “all alumni” happy hours tended to be mostly young alumni.  This was the main impetus for BtoB.

BtoB became known quickly and different school clubs expressed interest in having more events for this demographic and started advertising to their members.  As far as we know, this is the only such group in the Washington, DC area. 

Is Boomers to Busters an Age Restricted Group?

It is not.  First of all, anyone may attend.  The only exceptions to this are things we have no control of, such as requiring that people be of legal drinking age for events that serve alcohol.  Also, for “family friendly” events we must respect the rules of the hosts, such as tour operators, if they have minimum age requirements.

In addition, Boomers to Busters is different because it is not designed for people of a specific age but is a “cohort” for people who were undergraduates around the same time and are in the same stage of life now.  No one can “age out of” or “age into” the group.  It is like class reunions – in five years we will all be five years older – and so will the group.

Is Boomers to Busters a “Singles Group” or “Couples Club”?

It is neither.  Everyone is welcome regardless of their marital status or sexual orientation.

Who Runs Boomers to Busters?

Boomers to Busters is run by The University of Chicago Club of DC who arranges the events and takes financial responsibility.  Graduates of all schools are welcome to join the planning committee.  Past and present committee members and volunteers have attended, either as undergraduate or graduate students, American, Bryn Mawr, Chicago, Duke, George Washington, Georgia Tech, MIT, Michigan, Northwestern, Northern Illinois, NYU, Ohio State, Penn, Princeton, Rochester, Smith, Stanford, Thunderbird and Townson State.

What is the Role of the Other Schools?

There are many schools which want their alumni to feel welcome at BtoB events.  Each club decides whether to advertise, and may use emails, calendar listings, etc.  BtoB is a case where “the whole is more than the sum of the parts”.  By getting numerous schools together, we can have a group that no one school could support on its own.

If there is another school you would to see join, please let us know.  All schools are welcome.

What About Spouses, Partners and Friends Who Have Attended Other Schools or Did Not Go to College?  Are They Welcome at Boomers to Busters Events?

Certainly.  Our listserve includes graduates of schools such as Ball State, Brandeis, Brigham Young, Cambridge, Georgetown, U of Hawaii, Howard, Iowa State, McGill, Mills, Nanjing U, Oberlin, Paris Grande Ecole, Purdue, Rutgers, Southern Mississippi State, UCLA, US Coast Guard Academy, Vanderbilt and William and Mary.  All are welcome.

How Do I Join The Email List?  Is There a Charge?

Just go to our signup page.  We do not charge dues.

What Kinds of Events do You Have?

They vary.  We do not have an exact schedule but hold events when there is an idea we like.  We sometimes have happy hours.  We also have private tours: these have included the Nats Stadium, the Smithsonian American Art Museum, and a ghost tour of Georgetown.  There have been concerts, such as free ones on the mall or ticketed ones at the Atlas Theater.  Please see our past events page for more details.  We are open to suggestions for new events.

How Do I Sign Up For An Event?

Just go to the web page for the event you are interested in and follow instructions.