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Interest Groups

Getting Involved!!!

At the Local Level: Whether you are simply interested in attending an event or considering taking on a leadership position, there are many ways to connect and get involved with the local community.  DC has several different types of groups organizing events here in the District and you can connect with all of them through the Web site.

(1) Alumni Club of Washington, DC: The Board Members and Officers (See the Leadership tab) work to connect the local alumni, communicate the local alumni goals with the University, organize many of the local events, identify new local leaders, and assist the University with achieving goals within the local area.  Consider joining one of the Club's committees: Career Committee, Programming Committee, or Extern/Intern Committee.

(2) Ongoing Programming: DC has many dedicated alumni who cordinate ongoing weekly, monthly, and annual events.  If you are interested in starting an ongoing event or want to plan a one off event, contact DC Club programming chair Mariangela Anzalone at .

(3) Affinity Groups: The Alumni Association supports affinity groups based on shared professions, interests, and personal identities. These groups are developing into great ways to build a network of UChicago alumni with a common connection. Affinity groups include the Public Interest Networking Group, the Chicago Women’s Alliance, the LGBT Alumni Group, and the Military Affinity Group. To sign up for an existing local Affinity Group, click join below.  While these groups function on a national level, DC has local branches that meet and network. To learn more, get involved, or to start a new group, please visit or contact the DC Club’s affinity chair Rachel Alper, AB’05, at .

(4) Alumni Schools Committee: The ASC helps to promote the University of Chicago to prospective applicants to the University. Volunteer alumni assist with undergraduate recruitment and application interviews. It’s a fun way to help both potential students and the University.  The University needs local alumni to help with the prospective applicants.

(5) Graduate Schools' Local Alumni Clubs: Many of the graduate schools have locals clubs in the DC area and often include alumni of the college in their events. If you are an alumni of a graduate school, please also consider signing up to participate in your local graudate school's alumni club. We have provide links to some of active local group's specific pages for ease of reference.

With the University: In addition, take a look at the UChicago Resources tab above to learn about ways to get involved with the University (For example, Metcalf application reviewer or the Alumni Board of Governors Extern Program).

Set forth below is a list of all the active local groups. If you are interetsed in joining the email list for a particular group, click join. You can leave the group at any time.  

Alumni Club of Washington, DC: Career Committee
Participants: 7
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Group Type: Public
Description: If you have a job, want a job, or think that you might want a better job someday, the UChicago Career Panels may be of interest. These events are an opportunity to build your professional network and learn from accomplished alumni working in your field. The DC Club helps to sponsor Career Panels quarterly, and these events appear in the “Upcoming Events” link in the “Events” tab above. Please consider joining the group or, to learn more about these career events or to volunteer to speak on a panel, please contact the DC Club’s career chair Dan Arking, AB’05, at [email protected].

Alumni Club of Washington, DC: Programming Committee
Participants: 11
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Group Type: Public
Description: Would you like to become more involved with the UChicago Washington, DC, community? Most of our great ideas for club activities come from alumni like you! Meet fellow Chicago friends and discuss your vision and ideas for the DC alumni club. The receive emails and updates on programming, please join the committee. If you have additional questions, please email Mariangela Anzalone, AB' 05, at [email protected].

Boomer to Busters (Ongoing Programming)
Participants: 34
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Group Type: Public
Description: Have you ever danced the "bump" or used a typewriter? If you were a Chicago undergraduate in the 1980s, the Alumni Club of Washington, DC has a group for you. If you're too old for the young alumni and too young for the seniors, you will feel right at home. Come schmooze with people who remember when cookies were things you ate and viruses made you sneeze. Please consider joining or, if you have questions, please contact Debby Prigal, MBA' 87, at [email protected].