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2012-2014 Board of Directors

President: Gahan Christenson, AB'03, studied political science (and regrets not taking more art history classes). Like Joe, Gahan resided in Flint house and wishes that the old building still existed so that she could visit it during her 2013 (10 year)  class reunion.  Gahan started out as the Programming Chair and, after acting in that position for 4 years, she moved into the Vice President position.  In September of 2011, Gahan became the President of the DC club and is currently serving on her 2013 class reunion group.  Gahan looks forward to expanding the club and bringing on new volunteers. If you have questions about how to get involved or whom to contact on a particular issues, please contact Gahan at .

Vice President: Joseph Anzalone, AB'04, studied political science with a particular focus on the political methods of international terrorist groups. Joe had the honor of residing in the best three houses (Flint, Alper, and especially Henderson House) on campus, and will tell anyone who asks that the Seminary Co-op is the best bookstore in the world and never should have been moved from its basement home. Joe became involved with the DC Club after moving to DC to attend law school. After organizing several events for area alumni, Joe took on the role of Programming Chair to help organize events sponsored by alumni and the University throughout the DC area.  Joe now assumes the role as Vice President in September 2012 with the goal of recruiting alumni volunteers to help develop and further energize our community of alumni in DC, southern Maryland, and northern Virginia.
If you have any questions about the DC Club or want to know how to get involved in any way, please contact Joe at .

Programming Chair: Mariangela Anzalone, AB' 05, graduated from the College in 2005 with her AB in political science. Since then she's volunteered for her Reunion/Class Council, served as young alumni chair in New York, and is thrilled to be joining the board here in DC. (We are also thrilled and lucky to have her!) She is best at thinking up ideas that involve politics, wine tasting and trivia, so if you have different ideas she'd LOVE to hear from you. You can reach her at , whether it's to suggest ideas, volunteer to run an event, or even just to say hi if you're so inclined.

Career Chair: Daniel Arking, AB'05, graduated from the college with a degree in Physics. During his time in the College, Daniel never lived in Flint House, but was a proud resident of Maclean House, and a less proud resident of the A-level of the Regenstein Library. After graduation, Daniel returned home to New York City, where he served as the Career Chair of the NYC Alumni Club from 2006 until 2008. In that capacity, Daniel organized networking events for young alumni, developed a series of panel events highlighting career opportunities in a variety of industries, and worked with University staff and alumni to expand the number of internship opportunities for current students. After taking some time off to attend law school in DC, Daniel is very excited to be joining the DC Alumni Club Board, and is eager to build on his experience in New York to create new internship opportunities for current students, help alumni young and old explore the wide variety of career possibilities available in Washington, and ensure that the Chicago community serves a prominent role in every alumni's professional network. To learn more about how to take advantage of the Chicago alumni community in your career development, or to learn where in Hyde Park Maclean House is actually located, contact Daniel at .

Affinity Group Liaison: Rachel Goldman Alper, AB'05, graduated from the college with a degree in law, letters and society. Rachel is proud of her connection to Flint House and Blackstone Hall and served as President of Inter-House Council in ’03 - ’04 where she considers one of her biggest accomplishments helping to save Shake Day.  After four years as the DC Career Chair, Rachel is excited about her new role as Affinity Group Liaison.  Rachel looks forward to encouraging the development of local Affinity Groups and ensuring that the groups are connected with the larger DC alumni community. If you have questions about any current Affinity Group or ideas for new groups, you can reach Rachel at .