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Washington, DC Career Month 2013
Thursday, November 7, 2013 | 6-9pm

Cost: Free

Career Month is an annual event co-organized by the University of Chicago Alumni Association and Alumni Club of DC to highlight professional development skills and career opportunities for UChicago alumni in the Washington DC area. This event will feature a presentation on creating a winning career plan, followed by a panel discussion on careers in government contracting, and will provide an excellent networking opportunity for alumni in all professional fields and at all stages of their careers.

Part I: Creating a Winning Career Plan with Alison Elissa Cardy
Do you have a plan for your career? During this presentation you will have the opportunity to step back from your day-to-day concerns to consider your long-term career goals. You will learn the 3 most important things to take into account when creating a career plan and discover the 5 biggest stumbling blocks people face in terms of following through with their plan. Alison Elissa Horner is a career coach.

  • Alison Elissa Cardy is a professional career coach who specializes in helping young professionals make sense of their career goals. Many of Alison’s clients know that they have significant potential to contribute to the world in meaningful and personally fulfilling ways, and Alison works with them to help figure out exactly how to translate their potential into a career plan.


Part II: Panel Discussion on Careers in Government Contracting
Washington DC has always been known as the place to be for a career in government, and countless Chicago graduates have arrived hoping to climb the Hill as a Congressional staffer or rise through the ranks of a federal agency. However, some of the best opportunities to utilize your skills and have a real impact on issues that you care about are actually in the private sector – welcome to the world of government contracting. The federal government contracts with thousands of individuals and organizations that provide goods and services in support of nearly every function of government.

This event’s Panelists have each spent a portion of their careers contracting with the federal government to provide their expertise in areas as diverse as international aid and foreign affairs, life sciences, budget planning, defense, and veterans’ affairs. They will share their experiences working under contract with the government and their insights on how to build a career in government contracting.

Panel will include:

  • Samir Shaikh, AB'07 - Lean Management Consultant, U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • Libby Pearson, AB’05, AM’10Senior Consultant, Deloitte Consulting
  • Susanne Barsoum, AM’04 - Director of Business Development, Chemonics International
  • Aimee Dawson, MPP’07 - Senior Consultant, Deloitte Consulting

To Learn More About Career Development Opportunities for University of Chicago Alumni in the Washington DC Area, email .

Staff Liaison
Caitlin Wyler


Event Information
Thursday, Nov 7 2013 at 6:00pm - 9:00pm [ iCal ]
National Press Club
529 14th Street, NW 13th Floor
Washington, DC 20045
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Look Who's Coming:
Guest of Peter Andriole
Jameela Akbari
Charlee Alexander
Peter Andriole
Lindsay Arnold
Estera Barbarasa
Thomas Barr
Susanne Barsoum
Nicole Bell
Akshay Birla
Jerrilyn Black
Grace Boachie-Ansah
Heather Booth
Andrew Boyd
Casey Capozzoli
Kate Carter
Chu-Wei Chen
Christopher Cornillie
Tanja Crk
Timothy Deady
Angela DelBrocco
Desiree Dickerson
Ehren Dohler
Alina Epstein
Lynn Espedido
Leah Fiddler
Betsy Franz
Alan Goodman
Jonathan Grabel
Edgar Hernandez
George Washington University School of Business
Serena Hohmann
U.S. Department of State
Maite Hostetter
Aaron Jensen
Venera Jordan
Igor Kalageorgi
Leslie Kan
Benny Kaufman
Peggy Kay
Elizabeth Keating
Gallup Organization
Joshua Kipnis
Joo Yeon Lee
Sofya Leonova
Linden Li
Benita Mahanta
Agnes Mazur
Alejandra McDonough
William McIntire
Steven Mencher
Daniel Meyerson
Arthur Milikh
Jonathan Mizrack
Terrific Dogs LLC
Anne Nelson
Lauryn Nwankpa
Jennifer Palmer
Edmund Park
Libby Pearson
Christopher Pericak
The Advisory Board Company
Maurya Pericak
United States Senate
Karl Rahder
Elizabeth Rivera
Nicholas Rodman
Julia Rotondo
Danae Roumis
Social Impact
Hilary Shackelford
Samir Shaikh
Meredith Shaw
Jan Stefanski
Matthew Taylor
Vincent Tilson
Prerna Tomar
Andrea Toro
Kristin Tyndall
Education Advisory Board
Jennifer Van Ee
Marie Whittaker
Thomas Wilbur
Warren Wilder
Daniel Wolfe
Ariana Wolynec-Werner
Minh Woods
Victor Yang
Susan Zahran
... a total of 96 guests.