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Featured Volunteer: Geeta Kapadia

Meet the board's new Finance Chair

How long have you lived in DC (or the surrounding areas)?

We moved to DC in 2011 after three years in New Haven, CT.  We recently bought a house in the District and are enjoying our neighborhood very much.

Where was your favorite place to study on campus? 

My favorite place to study was the much-loved Harper reading rooms, but unfortunately I spent more time in Crerar.

The Onion or the Washington Post?

I like the Post but the Onion is good for a laugh.

Which is your favorite DC metro line (i.e., Green, Red, Blue)? 

Red line!

What activity would you recommend to those new to the city? 

The National Book Festival and Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum.

What is the last book you read? 

I just read Ganesh's Sweet Tooth by Sanjay Patel to my son, and I'm about to start In The Kitchen by Monica Ali.

What is your favorite restaurant? 

Bombay Club for British Raj-style Indian dining at its finest.

What was your favorite class?

As a hard sciences major, I really enjoyed my Intro to World Music and French classes.

Who was your favorite professor?

Margot Browning was a Humanities professor who always made me think.

What is on your DC bucket list?

I missed the Inauguration but would love to attend one (and a ball) at some point.

What would you add to the Scavenger Hunt list?

A brick from the currently-being-demolished Pierce Tower.