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Chicago Resume Review

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The Alumni Club of DC formally launched the Chicago Resume Exchange, a new professional development resource to help alumni in the Washington, DC area improve the quality and competitiveness of their professional resumes. 

As a UChicago alum, you undoubtedly have incredible educational credentials and invaluable work experience, all of which make you extremely competitive in the local job market. However, those accomplishments will count for very little if they are not well represented on your professional resume. Whether you are looking for a new career, a different job, or just hoping to test the market and see what's out there, a perfectly crafted resume will likely be your most valuable asset. Like many, you've probably taken it upon yourself to edit your resume and keep it up-to-date, but is your resume really as good as it could be? If you would like to see how it could be improved even further, you should submit your resume to the Chicago Resume Exchange.
Upon submission to the Exchange, your resume will be matched to an Alumni Volunteer Resume Reviewer, who will review your resume and provide constructive comments and suggested edits to ensure that your experience, education, and skills are presented professionally and effectively. So far, over thirty local alumni have volunteered to review resumes, and your resume will be carefully matched to the volunteer who most closely shares your interests, educational background, and professional experience.
The Chicago Resume Exchange is available to all UChicago alumni living and/or working in the Washington, DC area. There is no deadline to apply, and you can submit your resume at any time through the Alumni Club of DC's website.