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Distinguished Faculty Lecture with Professor Harald Uhlig: "Eurozone Crisis"
  Professor Harald Uhlig  
Join the Chicago Economics Society and the Alumni Club of DC for a lecture on sovereign default fears, banks and the ECB.

Cost: $15

Prof. Uhlig, former Chairperson of the Department of Economics at the University of Chicago, and Professor of Economics at the University since 2007 will discuss the Euro crisis focusing on the links between sovereign, banks and the ECB.


The Eurozone may be exiting the recent crisis, but is still in a fragile situation. To stem the exodus of funds from the south, the ECB has provided both long-term refinancing operation agreements with commercial banks as well as announced an outright monetary transactions program to "do whatever it takes". Prof. Uhlig will examine the fragility of the financial system, due to domestic banks over-exposure to domestic sovereign debt, as well as look into what the ECB operations imply for fiscal policy in the Eurozone.

*If you have experienced difficulties registering for the event, there are still spaces left to attend. On-site registration will be available.
Lunch and soft drinks included with registration fee.



Event Contact
Rui Mano

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Dan Gould


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Event Information
Friday, Jan 10 2014 at 12:30pm - 2:00pm [ iCal ]
International Monetary Fund, HQ2 conference hall 1
1900 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20431 USA
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