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Graduate Global Impact Internship Program

Expanding Opportunities for Graduate Students

The newly launched Graduate Global Impact internship program offers short-term opportunities to graduate students and postdocs, placing them in 10-week, paid internships or offering two- to five-day externships. During the internship, participants will be able to learn the nuances of work from the inside, improve their level of knowledge and skills, and help the organizations listed below. Internships will allow students to collect data that informs their master thesis develop archival research skills, or hone public speaking skills.
In its first year, the program placed 70 students at such sites as the Bibliothèque Nationale de France and Oxfam America, as well as companies like Cabot Microelectronics or campus centers like UChicago Tech. The internship program is a crucial part of UChicagoGRAD, a new office launched in May, with the goal of complementing graduate students’ education with a menu of services and support. As the first university-wide paid internship program for graduate students, it provides opportunities to advance students’ academic studies, while using their graduate training to help an organization in a substantive way. In the process, students develop skills that will make them successful job candidates, regardless of career path. Students can apply to existing internships or design their own, with support from UChicagoGRAD staff. 


 Find out more about Graduate Global Impact here.