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Life Sciences Research Advocacy: Why, How, Where, When... and Who?
Thursday, 01/29/15 at 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Mary Woolley, CEO of ResearchAmerica!


Gain Insights and Build Your Network at UChicago Volunteer Caucus
Saturday, 02/21/15 at 8:00am - 5:00pm
2015 UChicago Volunteer Caucus: New York City

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Recent Events...

Entrepreneur's Advisory Group
12/17/14, 7:00pm
Please join our monthly discussion about an entrepreneurial business and some current issues faced by an entrepreneur.
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Café Philo DC: "What is Mind?"
12/13/14, 1:00pm
Moderator: Hewitt Rose
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RESCHEDULED: Ice Skating at the Sculpture Garden
12/9/14, 7:00pm
Our winter tradition will be rescheduled due to rain. Stay tuned!
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UChicago DC Alumni Bridge Club: December Game
12/7/14, 6:30pm
Hosted by Mark Gruenberg: Cathedral Heights
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DC LGBT Holiday Party
12/5/14, 6:00pm
Celebrate the end of the year with fellow LGBT alumni
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Great Books Reading and Discussion Group
11/24/14, 6:15pm
Alumni meet monthly to discuss one of the classics of literature.
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Café Philo DC: "Is Occam's Razor a Valid Philosophical Principle?"
11/22/14, 2:30pm
Moderator: Bob Aldrich
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Capital Area Food Bank Community Service
11/22/14, 9:00am
The UChicago Association of Black Alumni (UCABA) invites all alumni, family, and friends to help fill gaps in the hunger safety net in the greater DC area. We will spend the morning helping out in the distribution centers.
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Ivy Singles Harvest Season Soiree
11/21/14, 6:30pm
Friday, November 21, 2014
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Ta-Nehisi Coates: The Case for Reparations
11/20/14, 6:30pm
Bring a little bit of Chicago into your DC life! Join the DC Alumni Club for a viewing party of the IOP's event featuring renowned journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates on a discussion of race in America.
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