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Dan Arking

Career Chair

How long have you lived in DC (or the surrounding areas)?
Four years, since the Fall of 2008.

Where was your favorite place to study on campus? 

The back of the A-level, by the whiteboards, with all the Physics geeks rockstars.

The Onion or the Washington Post?

The Onion every time, for the horoscopes.

Which is your favorite DC metro line (i.e., Green, Red, Blue)? 

I'm happy with any line that is running and not single-tracking to a station that has a working escalator. That means I walk a lot.

What activity would you recommend to those new to the city? 

Visit Mt. Vernon. So close to DC but so far removed. Go in good weather for incredible views of the Potomac.

What is the last book your read? 

The Passage of Power, by Robert Caro. This is the fourth in Caro's series on LBJ. I waited for 10 years for Caro to write this volume, and finished it in three weeks. Now I'm back to waiting. . . Any day now . . .

What is your favorite restaurant? 

Nearly anything from a food truck. Food is like the internet - the future is in mobile technology.

What was your favorite class?

The farther removed I am from college, the more I appreciate having taken Classics for Sosc.

Who was your favorite professor?

My struggle to remember names reminds me how old I am.

What is on your DC bucket list?

Run the Cherry Blossom 10-miler

Kayak on the Potomac

Power lunch at the Palm, on someone else's dime.

What would you add to the Scavenger Hunt list?

These days, legislation only gets passed during the lame duck. Find a lame duck and pass it through Congress. Half credit for passing either the House or Senate.

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